Friday, 1 July 2011

JPKA 1st round Tokai Cup

The JPKA Japan Tour Tokai Cup was held on 25-26 June at Tatsuta, Kiso-riv.  It was 1st freestyle round and 2nd race round of 2011. We had 16 registered riders from all over Japan for the event. At this time, just one girl joined this event. It's me! So, I had to compete with all the guys not only racing but also freestyle.
The first day was no wind all day long as expected. At this time, normally we're due to be in the rainy season but it was sunny and really hot then. We were almost melting! So, we just had fun with SUP and rescue boat. After that, each riders was hanging out night on the town.

Day two started with 6-10 knots wind and looked like it's gonna be picking up. All riders pumped their biggest kite. After a while, first race has started. I went out with Crossbow 13m and Race 178. Wind was enough but I crashed few times because it was not so wide river. I had to tack many times and wind was gusty near the shore. I finished 3rd place at the first race.
Soon after that, freestyle was started. I gotta be ready for it soon. It was light wind 10-14 knots then. So, I decided to use Crossbow 13m. I knew Crossbow is not so good for freestyle but I've got more points than my opponent. I thought wind was too light for guys. Anyway luckily I could keep winning. Then I just realized I was on the finals already! Of course, it was against Hiro who is current Japanese Campion and one of the best rider in Asia. So, I was happy to take on him. But I knew it's impossible to win. I was just having fun during the heat.

In the end, he won the game and I've got 2nd. But I received a lot of satisfaction from the result because I've done my best. After the freestyle, we had one more race and then finished all the program.

-2nd Freestyle overall
-3rd Race overall
and of course I won the women's category...

Next JPKA will be coming up on September. I'm looking forward to it.
And,,,, we need girls!!

Thank you for Cabrinha, M-air, Kaenon.