Saturday, 1 October 2011

JPKA Biwako

I've got troffies again from JPKA (Japan Pro Kiteboarding Association)!!
 JPKA Biwako Cup was held on 23-24 Sep at the biggest lake "Biwako" in Japan. It was the 2nd freestyle round and the final race round of JPKA Japan Tour 2011. The weather was totally depending on the typhoon Roke then. Luckily it passed before the comp and left the wind for us.

 Day 1 was started from the freestyle. They have 3 classes Men, Women and Open. Wind was so gusty like 10-20+kts and water was choppy in the morning. It was a bit hard but I could do my best with Park 12 and Raskal. So, just I won the freestyle and it was changed into course racing in the afternoon.
 Wind was still gusty but enough for racing. However, we had problem then. There are lots of weeds under the water near the shore. It was so hard to get out with long fins! Even so, I managed to follow the men's champion with Charger 13 and Venturi and then finished 2nd place behind him. I was happy with the result. But, I couldn't do well again and finished 6th in the race #2.
 After that, wind was dropping and heats are over. We had BBQ party in front of the kite shop. Everyone enjoyed it but I drank too much of Sake and fell asleep early.

DAY 1 video from Kuma Movie

 On the 2nd day, it was no wind at all in the morning. But, luckily we got wind again in the late afternoon. So, race #3 started in 10-12kts. I managed to keep my position then got 2nd again.
Soon after that, freestyle doubles was started. I could keep winning and then finally all heats were over.

DAY 2 video from Kuma Movie

1st Freestyle Women
1st Course Racing Women (RB)
JPKA Course Racing Champion 2011

 Thank you Naish, M-air and Kuma Movie make it come true! And also thanks for JPKA crews!
Looking forward to be on next event at Hamano (Omaezaki, Shizuoka) on 3-4 Dec.
 Now getting colder here in Japan. I'm gonna push harder and go for it!