Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Course Race Comp

 I've been in Karasu, Ise Bay on 22 May to join the course race event "Karasu Nagisa Cup". It's the 1st round of JPKA Japan Tour 2011 course race series.
 This event has race board class and twin tip class because still only few people has race board in Japan. However total number of participants are less than 10. I guess the reason is Japanese kiters don't know about course racing yet and kiting is NOT popular in Japan in the first place.

 Anyway event has started. In the morning, it was sunny and warm but no wind. Then wind was coming with dark clouds. So, everybody knew it was supposed to be heavy rain and that is exactly what happened. All we could do was just waiting for the rain to stop.
 After a while, rain was gone with wind! All we could do was still just waiting... After another hour, slight off shore breeze was coming and 2-3 guys went out and started cruising. It looked there was enough wind out there. Then race derector decided to start 1st race.
 Everybody got ready for start but wind was dropping down. Finally no one could ride when red flag was up. It was 5 pm already. Unfortunately no races have done on the day. I hope we have good wind next time!

 And I also hope many people join course racing! Why don't you try it?

-This is short vid of the day...

 See you at the next event, 25-26 June, JPKA 1st freestyle round!