Sunday, 24 April 2011


 I went kiting to Toyokawa beach. Wind was good but I couldn't do well because I was exhausted from yesterday's sick session with my friend who is Japanese Liquid Force team rider. He taught me dangle pass and I just started practice. So, still I have muscle pain... Anyway, was good sess again today. My friend shot us with GoPro.

After shooting, rain was coming and wind dropped. But we saw beautiful rainbow!

Actually I wasn't satisfied then. But felt better when I saw it. Well,,, if I have good camera I can make much better photo!
 After that, I packed my stuff and started driving to home. Then I saw beautiful thing again. It was sunset.

It was not so good day for me just about kiting, but they made me happy :) Yea, I can do better next time!

Monday, 18 April 2011


 I checked the wind on internet in the afternoon. It looked not so good. But I decided to go kiting because I know if I don't go I just think about wind and I cannot concentrate any other things...

 When I arrived the beach, I saw many flying kites.
-This is Tatsuta beach, Kiso river. 1.5 hours from my home. Most of the time I do kiting here in summer.

Although it looked not so windy... about 10knots. So, I pumped my Crossbow 13m and went out on race board. I know this river is not wide enough for racing. I just practiced tack and jibe. It's better than I can't stay up wind.
 After about 1 hour, wind was dropping down. But I was still riding then. Unfortunately I dropped my kite opposite side of the river. There's no beach when it's high tide. What the hell... tide was coming then. It means so fast current from upwind to downwind. I tried to re-launch but I couldn't. I drifted! So, I was resigned to lying on the kite and using it like a sail. At last I got to the beach so far from the place I was. I felt blue.... But luckily my kindly friend came by car and picked me up there. It was great!
 I guess I'm gonna never use race board here this river. Come to think of it, I lost my board when I drifted. Therefore my another friend picked it up by SUP. Well, I have to help his school next time!
 Anyway thank you so much!! It'll never happen again.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


yea, finally I started to update my blog in English!! Check it out!
 -Japanese one is here

ok, I gonna tell you about today.
 I went kiting to Kabaike beach, middle of Japan. It's the nearest (1 hour by car) beach from my home. I arrived the beach in the afternoon. Then, I pumped my 9m Nomad. But, wind picked up while I was changing to wetsuit. I tried to go out with 9m, but I felt super over power. Then, I decided to pump again to use 7m. After that I went out with 7m, but in 15 minutes I crushed my kite and I couldn't re-launch. I felt really bad! However, I didn't wanna stop kiting. So, I decided to pump my smallest kite 5.5m because I felt wind was still picking up.
 Finally I went out and started practice. But, soon after I felt super over power. I couldn't do any un-hooked tricks and just I've done normal air. It's not enough to be satisfied me. But it's ok bacause I'm not good at high air. I know I should do it.

 After 1 hour, all of my friends left already and I was on the beach alone... no, with my 3 kites and small car!

 Then, I checked the wind today. It was 30kts... I don't like it so much! But I know like this condition is good for train to be strong.

Weather forecast sais it supposed to be warm and not too windy tomorrow. I hope I gonna have good wind!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

KTA Final Round

KTA Philippines

1st Freestyle

2nd TT race

KTA overall results 2010-11

Asian Freestyle Champion

KTA Tour Freestyle Champion

3rd KTA Tour Course Racing
2nd KTA Tour TT Class Racing

...How many times was I on the podium?

Thank you Cabrinha, M-air, Kaenon!!