Friday, 9 December 2011

JPKA Finals

I've been in Omaezaki which is known as super windy place in Japan 3-4 Dec to try the final round of JPKA Japan tour 2011. 

1st day started with good wave and off shore wind. We had fun by surfing, SUP and slacklining each other. In the afternoon, we took rescue clinic on the beach. It was nice to learn how to use AED, how to carry soneone off from the water and to do CPR. At last, we couldn't have any good wind and released for the 2nd day.


We had party in Izakaya, Japanese style bar and then hanging out each other. Wind had started already in the night and it means 2nd day is supposed to be super windy...

2nd day, on my way to the beach in the morning, I saw white sea from my car. It looks so crazy because it was totally covered by whitecaps. Actually I don't like this kind of condition so much but anyway I have to try the heats. One of my friend was doing mega-loops when I arrived on the beach. It was amazing but made me feel blue at the same time.

Heats are started from freestyle men. Wind was 35-40kt with gust. So, all riders had to use their smallest kite and they almost can't do any unhooked tricks even if they are professionals. After about one hour, heats are changed into women's. Wind was still crazy strong. I went out with my Park 5m2 but it was super over power.

This my first heat was finals because just 2 girls tried freestyle. But it was fun! I was against the local girl who is former champion and I've never won to her. I crashed many times during my heat but at least I could land few tricks. Anyhow, they JPKA set 3 heats for us and it was hard to walk back to upwind everytime. I thought I can fly without kite...!

In the afternoon, wave class was started. I didn't try but fun to see that.
At the end of the day, I tried big air contest. Wind was still too windy and good for big air. But, suddenly dropping just before the heat. I was out with my Park 5m2 but it was not enough for big air. Anyway I had no time to change my kites. It was ok I've done kiteloop without board and made people exciting! For sure that was my best trick of the day! XD

All heats were over then we had prize celemony on the beach. I got 2 troffies again. One for the winner of this event, another one for freestyle champion of the year. I finaly won to former champion and got title again with my team mate Hiro!

Thank you so much Naish, Mystic, M-air, Gloval Athlete Project and people who support me! And also thanks for JPKA crews to make this fun event.

Japanese Tour season was over but KTA, Asian Tour is coming up in next month. Can't wait to be there in Boracay!