Sunday, 17 April 2011


yea, finally I started to update my blog in English!! Check it out!
 -Japanese one is here

ok, I gonna tell you about today.
 I went kiting to Kabaike beach, middle of Japan. It's the nearest (1 hour by car) beach from my home. I arrived the beach in the afternoon. Then, I pumped my 9m Nomad. But, wind picked up while I was changing to wetsuit. I tried to go out with 9m, but I felt super over power. Then, I decided to pump again to use 7m. After that I went out with 7m, but in 15 minutes I crushed my kite and I couldn't re-launch. I felt really bad! However, I didn't wanna stop kiting. So, I decided to pump my smallest kite 5.5m because I felt wind was still picking up.
 Finally I went out and started practice. But, soon after I felt super over power. I couldn't do any un-hooked tricks and just I've done normal air. It's not enough to be satisfied me. But it's ok bacause I'm not good at high air. I know I should do it.

 After 1 hour, all of my friends left already and I was on the beach alone... no, with my 3 kites and small car!

 Then, I checked the wind today. It was 30kts... I don't like it so much! But I know like this condition is good for train to be strong.

Weather forecast sais it supposed to be warm and not too windy tomorrow. I hope I gonna have good wind!

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